And still they try...

Back in the mists of time, I remember a certain person in a blue suit proselytising the merits of the EU Commissions plans to medicinalise ecigs. This was shortly after she'd applauded the MHRA's thankfully aborted attempt to either medicinalise them or ban them outright.

But, yesterday, she had another go, this time in front of the Science Committee in UK Parliament. I sat and watched, gobsmacked, as she trotted out all the old canards:
The public will be reassured that they're safe and effective
People on low incomes will be able to have access to them
The Stop Smoking Services will be in a better position to "help" people stop smoking (and, by the way, can we stop closing them)
And so on and so forth.

She even tried to blame the MHRA for there not being any med reg ecigs available, suggesting they need to look to their processes to help this happen.

Now, I'm not even going to get annoyed. I expected this. What annoys me is that there are vapers who believe this shite, but they miss the big picture.

If ecigs - even just one model - are released as medicines, then they must ALL be medicines. There can be no other outcome. Consumer reg ecigs and med reg ecigs cannot co-exist, there can be only one. Why?

Well, let's take the example of any other product that exists as both a medicine and a consumer product. Oh, wait, hang on, just a minute, lemme think... NOPE! There is no such thing! Why? Because, in the UK and EU, once something's a medicine, all iterations of that thing are medicines. Take muslin cloth bandages. All of them have to have a marketing authorisation - you can't buy one without an MA. You CAN buy a bolt of muslin cloth and cut it to make your own "bandages", but you could not, then, sell them without an MA. They're medicines.

Now, there are folks out there that will say "Yeah, yeah, Dave, heard it all before, but they won't do anything about it - the SSS folks will be able to prescribe crappy ecigs for folks who need them, and we'll still be able to buy the good stuff from vape shops and online". Really?

Quite the opposite. Go and try to buy St. John's Wort extract in a bottle or pouch. Following the Herbal Products Directive, it has to have a medicines license. If you can identify it, you can pick the plant, but prepare it in any form - even a wine - and it MUST have a medicines license at worst, or a Herbal Products license at best, and then, only if you can prove it has a traditional role as a non-medicinal remedy. Check it out. It's a minefield. It's why Holland and Barret sell mostly dried fruit and body-building supplements these days.

These bastards simply want control of the nicotine market, and if they get med regs ecigs, they get control of the whole of the market. More than that, they get to wipe it out at the stroke of a pen. How" Dead simple - if all ecigs are medicines, then they can revoke all licenses for any trumped-up reason. End of vaping, overnight. And don't think they wouldn't. The aforementioned harridan is a big fan of the FCTC, the WHO organisation waging war on nicotine. If they say "Jump", she'll ask "How high?" and then move heaven and earth to get shot of all nicotine. ALL nicotine...

Just think on that.