An Open Letter to PHE and other “supporters” of ecigs and TRR. (Tobacco RISK Reduction)

You complain that public perception of ecigs is horrendously bad, but do you know whose fault that is?

Dear sirs, madams and those whose gender identity I’ve just offended,

You claim to be supporters of ecigs, but every statement you make is caveated. How? here’s a non-exhaustive list:

“Although not without risk…”
“If you have tried NRT unsuccessfully, you may like to try ecigs”
“Although they contain ADDICTIVE Nicotine”
“Ecigs CAN be a way of successfully quitting smoking”
“The best option is to neither smoke nor vape”

There are many, many more, of course, but that little list serves to exemplify why people are put off ecigs/vaping by your own actions.

Every last pronouncement comes with a caveat. A caveat that screams “Warning, Danger, Will Robinson”.

And yet, in private conferences, where the public won’t hear you, you say things like “Ecigs are safe enough for pregnant ladies”, “Folks smoke for the nicotine, but die from the tar”, “Nicotine is a relatively benign drug” - all  comforting, non-caveated, straightforward statements. Does the Press every get these uncaveated statements to copy and paste? No.


If you want ecigs to succeed in achieving your stated goals of countries, towns, regions, wherever, being smoke-free by whichever date is in vogue now, you need to change your ways.

Here are some statements you can use that will have a very positive effect on all of this:

1:”Ecigs have been shown to be non-threatening in terms of their users health - they’re safe enough to use for anyone who wishes to enjoy Nicotine”.

2: “Evidence has shown that there is no risk of passive exposure to anything harmful from the use of ecigs. Therefore, than can be no justifiable reason to ban their usage anywhere.

3:”People who wish to use ecigs need to know that they are highly unlikely to cause them any harm whatever. While further studies are likely to confirm that statement, we know enough now to happily accept their use in the general population”.

See how easy it is - and note, while not caveated, not one of those statements is either negative or untrue.

Adopt that style of language, forget any medicinal usage of any kind - it’s a negative in everyone’s mind, purely because no-one wants to be a patient - and always speak without evasion, prevarication, or mental reservations of any kind about ecigs, and you will achieve what you want to achieve. It really is that simple.

Thank you.