Capsules? Is that the future?

So I had to go to the local convenience store for milk this morning. A short walk, but a pleasant one, and at all adds to the activity. Have to stay healthy, after all! 

Anyway, as I picked up the two two litre jugs of the white stuff and plopped them on the counter, I saw, where once there had been an orderly display of tobacco cigarettes, there was now a set of shutter, emblazoned with POS (which means point of sale, not, as some would have it, piece of shit) advertising for Vivid ecigs. Above that was the display - two shelves worth - of Vivid ecig paraphernalia. In prime position were the "capsules". 

I was, I will admit, tempted to buy one or two.  Just to see what they were and what they're like. I didn't on this occasion, but it did lead me into a conversation with the shop owner. He told me that his traditional cigs trade was down by two grand. Whether that's a month or a week I know not, but he did say a goodly chunk of it has been replaced by ecig and eliquid sales, which, as he was first to point out, is a whole chunk more profitable for him, and, at the same time, cheaper for the consumer.

Now, as I say, there was a lot of capsuling on the shelves, and, as yet, I don't know how good/decent/productive/flavourful they are. But I will find out.

And I'll also be sharing this information with the 140+ audience at the ecig conference for SSS practitioners I'm speaking at tomorrow. Should be interesting, eh?