Rethink attitudes...

Y'know this whole "THR" thing? It stands for "Tobacco Harm Reduction". I prefer to style it "Tobacco RISK Reduction", just because I'm a pedant, picky, and very wary of negatives. And given that everything - and I do mean everything - carries a risk with it, but may not be inherently harmful, it seems to me that "risk" is the better word to use.

Anyway, that may be a bit by the by. But, by the same token, relevant. You see, I'm annoyed ("NO!" they all cried). Yes, I am, because, you see, I HAD thought that all we vapers were battling on behalf of THR or TRR - that is to say, so that folks had the choice of using safer delivery of nicotine. Or, to put it another way, fighting for folks to have the ability to use nicotine safely. Now, that may seem as though I've got a downer on proper smoking - you know, sparking up a cigarette and inhaling the smoke. I haven't. I haven't swallowed the Tobacco Control Industry's propaganda. I don't think that tobacco companies are inherently evil - they're simply legal businesses supplying a demand.

And there is a demand for safer nicotine delivery mechanisms, be they Snus, Ecigs, or Heat not Burn. Now, at the end of the day, it matters not whence safer delivery systems emanate - a safer delivery system is a safer delivery system. But it seems that, for some folks, the progenitor of said systems appears to be important.

For ASH in the UK, the manufacturer is very important. They are presently at war - but not against COPD, Lung cancer, and all of the other malaises attributed to smoking. No - they appear not to give a tuppenny toss about that. They are at war with the tobacco companies. the FCTC is at war with the tobacco companies. Their aim is to put them out of business. They're idiots. Pure and simple.

And here's why:

The big multinational tobacco conglomerates have massive marketing power, massive distribution networks, and masses of money to throw at research into - guess what - safer nicotine delivery systems. And safer nicotine delivery systems are, really, what everyone should want. There's probably no other cartel of manufacturers more optimally placed to get safer nicotine out into the big wide world. But that, of course, doesn't suit the anti-smoker types. Why? Well, in my opinion (yes, I have opinions), "allowing" them to develop safer nicotine delivery systems that would, in time, obsolete their current lit offerings would mean that the companies survive - even thrive - and that just won't punish them. And that will never do.

Now, I expect asshattery like that from the ideological useful idiots at the FCTC and the various ASHes. They're blinkered, ideological, and blind to the needs of the people they're supposed to want to "help". It's their way or the highway, amigos.

But I do NOT expect the same ideological asshattery from vapers. We're supposed to be the enlightened ones, the ones that have seen through the FCTC and other groups that just want nicotine gone away. We're supposed to be the ones fighting COPD, Lung Cancer and so on and so forth. At least, that's alway been my take.

But no - we now have high profile vapers actively campaigning against the likes of IQOS and Glo (PMI and BAT respectively). On what grounds? On the grounds that they're made by (shock, horror) tobacco companies.

One word.


I have wasted eight years of my life.