Appease my ass…

Look… there’s no appeasing the prohibitionistas - there just isn’t. And yet vapers keep trying.

I like to consider myself to be a bit of a libertarian - you know, along the lines of “I don’t actually give a toss what anybody else does so long as it does not directly affect me in a bad way”. So, you know, having a hoovering habit, a nasty ironing fetish, playing golf, going for long pointless walks in the country, sucking half a stone of coke up your sneck, driving without wearing a seatbelt, even wearing lycra and sitting on a stupid pushbike. They’re all good - have at them, if that’s your bag. (You may infer that I don’t go in for bans. Any bans. Don’t like ‘em - prohibition has never worked, it simply puts control in the hands of folks who really, honestly, should never have any control at all.)

So, I kind of don’t really get it when folks buy into prohibitionist agendas. “Fags are bad - why doesn’t the government ban them?” “Guns are bad, why doesn’t the government ban them?” “Motorbikes are bad, why doesn’t the government ban them?” “Religion is bad, why doesn’t the government ban all religions?” (Side note - I abhor religions. All of them. But banning them would have only the effect of making them stronger. I much prefer them to be out there so I can poke fun at them and make their adherents look daft. The very best weapon, that is).

And yet, in the midst of all this, we have vapers - who, after all, have had to fight hard to keep on vaping - well, some of us - who buy into prohibitionist agenda with regard to what’s now known as Tobacco Harm Reduction (a phrase I detest. I can accept “Risk Reduction”, because that’s much more accurate). 

These folks have this “Definitely not for under 18s and/or folks who have never smoked” mantra, which, frankly, is a moralistic approach. It has nothing to do with either science or risk reduction. It’s all about prohibition and blind appeasement of the establishment, which is, almost always, wrong about these things.

Look - out “in the wild” animals “do” substances. Elephants, for instance, will actively seek out fermented fruits to shove down their gullets. Pissed Pachyderms is the result. Why? I’d humbly suggest it’s because they can and they enjoy it. Apes ape the pachyderms, probably for the same reasons. Even stone age man fermented stuff to drink/eat, because, well, why the hell not? Nicotine has been enjoyed for aeons (that’s a very, very large number of years), probably going back as far as when fire was first harnessed by our ancestors and they discovered that breathing in the smoke from burning Solanacea family plants gave them a bit of a buzz - or made them happy, anyway.

So why must those who have yet to enjoy Nicotine be banned (that word again) from enjoying it? Morals? Hmmm… Do I mention Caffeine here? At what age does a child have that first cup of tea or coffee? Same result, slightly different chemical/molecular structure, different route of administration. So what?

I’ve long held that if an ecig (or, these days, snus or HnB stuff) has the effect of stopping someone lighting the next cigarette, then it’s done its job, insofar as the public health brigade is concerned. That is, it will have achieved their stated aim - to get folks to be smoke free. And, for me, that starts before anyone has started to smoke. And yet, vapers buy into Gottlieb’s (and others - lots and lots of others) mantra that we must prevent youth (he really means the cheeeldrens) and no smokers from ever taking up vaping (or snus or HnB or anything else - but never coffee or tea - no, they’re sacrosanct).

Science? We don’t need no steenking science. We have to stop folks from doing what folks do. That’s their game. They want to control you, and too many folks, folks who should know better, are buying into it.

Look - you cannot appease these prohibitionists. Give them an inch, and they WILL take ten yards and fashion your noose. We absolutely MUST resist everything they try to do, and use science so to do, else they and their warped moral stance will win the day.

First they came for… well, you know how that one goes. Don’t think that just cos you’re paranoid they’re not out to get you - they very much ARE!