Help or - in the long term - hindrance?

You may have heard of "The Truth Initiative". It's a research body in the US that, for we vapers at least, takes an interest in ecigs. Apparently they've done a survey and, having surveyed and spent countless millions of dollars to complete it, have some suggestions, observations and so on, upon which I feel the need to comment. Here's a pictorial snap of their conclusions:

1: Most current and former smokers correctly perceive e-cigarettes to be less harmful than traditional cigarettes:
Well, yes. If you believe the tobacco control cabal, that's not a particularly high bar. TTI (The Truth Initiative) missed out on the opportunity to convey the truthful notion that, statistically, it's also less harmful than pulling your trousers on standing up (many deaths per annum attributed to this seemingly innocuous activity), less harmful than motorcycling - and you can fill in a few more yourself.

2: A majority of those using e-cigarettes are using them to quit smoking:
Now I'm starting to get annoyed - didn't take long, did it?
Look, worldwide, no vape shop, either online or B&M, is allowed to claim the medicinal property of "smoking cessation device" for any ecig product, without having first applied for and obtained the equivalent of a marketing authorisation from the MHRA in the UK, FDA in the US or any other competent body. But bodies like TTI (and just about every so-called "friend" of vaping in Public Health) continually refers to "smoking cessation", "Quitting" and other terms that a vape vendor cannot legally use like it's what ecigs are all about. They've done this to the extent that even vape advocates have been taken in and are now openly and loudly shouting about "Helping Smokers To Quit" using ecigs. FFS - they've crossed the line and gone to the Tobacco Control side. It boils my piss. If this continues, ecigs WILL become medicinal devices - mark my words.

I'm not going to use the rest of the numbers - so bear with...

Look, nothing in this world is risk-free. Nothing. There is no such thing as 100% safe, truly. And we need, I think, to stop comparing the risk of ecig usage with the risk of smoking. We know enough now to know that the risk profile of vaping is lower than many normal everyday activities, because we have ten years of data (anecdotal, yes, but nonetheless valid for that) that has shown no deaths and no major trauma from the act of vaping. The same cannot be said for driving, motorcycling,  skiing, horse riding, pedal cycling - the list goes on. 
Of course, some bright spark will yell "battery explosions". Yell all you like. That's a diversion. Nothing whatever to do with vaping, battery incidents are battery incidents, just as a tyre iron falling on your foot has bugger all to do with biking or driving - it's a tyre iron incident, not a driving incident.
What vaping is is an entirely new category of activity that happens to also include nicotine usage. That's a lot like caffeine usage, the main difference being that one is inhaled, the other imbibed. After that, there's more or less no difference at all. There MAY be a risk involved in the inhalation part of the activity, but, if that is the case, then the MHRA, FDA, ASH and  Public Health bodies need to concern themselves with haze machines (yes, it's exactly the same stuff). Yet they don't. Why? because such machines and the atmospheres they produce have been extensively researched by lawyers, unions and union lawyers looking for ways to litigate and make a money grab. They have not found a foothold. The conclusion is obvious. No problem.

And that, I think, is what is boiling the piss of the alphabet orgs. There is no problem with ecigs. They're safe enough for anyone (with certain very rare exceptions) to use for any purpose - although that purpose will mostly be enjoyment.

We cannot escape what follows: people WILL take up ecigs purely for enjoyment. They need not be targetted solely at smokers. They are NOT a quit tool, no matter what the alphabet orgs are trying to get people to espouse. They are a tool for enjoyment that people can use for whatever purpose they see fit. That, in a very large number of cases, their use results in someone ceasing another activity, which other folks may or may not approve of, is a happy (for some) side effect. It is NOT the be all and end all.

I've seen a number of folks jumping on this survey and loudly proclaiming that this could be the saviour of vaping. Well, I'm sorry, but it isn't. It is the saviour of MEDICINAL vaping. It casts vaping as a smoking cessation tool. It does not acknowledge the pleasure principle, it does not acknowledge the individual's right to choose, it does not acknowledge the relative safety of vaping versus everyday activities that also carry a risk. It does nothing for vaping, and everything for tobacco control.

Realise that, and you realise exactly what Tobacco Control is attempting - to define the agenda and define what you will be allowed to use ecigs for. And, as vapers, as advocates, as individuals, we must reist that with every sinew.