Stop blaming Big Tobacco - it's BIG PHARMA wants ecigs gone

I dunno - you think you've done your blogging for the day, then you get an email that sends shivers down your spine. It contained this, which I present for you to download...


TLDR: Big Pharma wants Stop Smoking Service commissioners to stop SSSes from being ecig friendly, use only THEIR medicinally licensed NRT products and to insist on ALL clients being nicotine abstinent at 12 months.

It's directly contradictory to PHE guidance.

It contradicts NCSCT guidance

It contradicts upcoming and already extant NICE guidance

It's their attempt to get things back the way they were a decade or more ago, before NRT was licensed as a harm reduction strategy.

Expect the usual suspects - Capewell, McKee and Glantz to support it. Chapman won't. He doesn't like NRT almost as much as he doesn't like ecigs.

Theere you go - download it, read it, and realise that the tobacco companies aren't the ones trying to get ecigs banned. It is, and has always been, Big Pharma. THEY are the problem.