Apocalypse when?

I'm sat in pretty warm temperatures, so the effects of "global warming" (now renamed to "climate change") on the UK are pretty evident here... 

PHE, in its infinite wisdom, has swallowed the WHO stance, hook, line and sinker. Now, I'm not a natural fisker, but I have to have a go at this one, because it's self contradictory and, frankly, a bit silly. Shall we? Here's what they're predicting...

  • An increase in heat-related illness and death – suggesting that the 2003 heatwave which caused 2,000 excess deaths in England Wales, will be a ‘normal heatwave' by 2040

Interesting, given that global warming has stalled for the last 15-20 years, something which so-called "climate scientists" (the ones that have drunk the kool aid) really don't like, because it lends the lie to daft statements like the above. Anyone noticed a heatwave this year in the UK? Or last? Nope? Thought not. SO, they must have redefined "normal" to mean once in a blue moon...

  • More flood-related illness and displacement – as well as injury and infection, the effect of flooding on mental health will be considerable.

This kind of assumes there'll be more flooding. And well there might. There's a simple answer, and there's a clue in the name of places where housing should probably not be given first priority for building - FLOOD PLAINS. I have a sneaking suspicion they got their name because they're plains, which, when it rains heavily, flood. And they were flood plains before so-called climate change took grip (you know, when Al Gore found a new way to make money). So stop building on them, and treat them as what they are. Flood Plains. It's not rocket science, is it? 

  • An increase in food, water and vector-borne disease – higher temperatures will mean more drought, more flooding and changes in patterns of disease with an increase in tropical diseases.

"Higher Temperatures". Hmm, lemme see - any rise we HAD seen in the UK (around a half a degree over 40 years) has plateaued over the last 15 years or so. So there's little reason to think they'll sudden;y climb to the point where we start to see Tropical Diseases being endemic in the UK. And, as a matter of interest, how do you get more flooding with more drought? If we know there's going to be flooding - lots and lots of that DiHydrogen Monoxide chemical falling from the sky - then can't we build things to catch it in - maybe on Flood Plains, instead of houses? Would that make sense? 

  • Increased levels of air pollution – prevalence of ozone, fine particles (PM10 and PM2.5) and even extended pollen seasons, all of which could increase levels of respiratory and cardiovascular disease.

We are told that one of the reasons there's this so-called climate change happening is because we chop too many trees down in places like Brazil. But trees produce both Ozone and Fine and ultra-fine particles. Indeed, trees produce utterly shed loads of fine and ultra fine particles, which apparently, are pollution. And Pollen, too - lots and lots of it. So, do we need more, or fewer? Do you see my confusion here?

  • Skin cancer and sunburn – malignant melanoma has increased by 78% among men and 48% among women from 2003 to 2012. It is now the fifth most common cancer in England and is expected to continue rising as people spend more time outdoors due to warmer weather.

now, this one's been separated off from a paragraph a litt later, because, here, we're being hinted at to stay indoors unless we really need to go out, because the sun will kill us by shining on us and giving us all cancer. Frankly, 78% of an unknown figure (they conveniently forget to give us that - you know, the absolute numbers of folks with malignant melanoma - it could be two, or two million, we just don't know) means nothing to anyone. But I'll hold off until that paragraph comes along... You can likely guess what it says anyway.  

  • Pressure on healthcare providers to keep services running in extreme weather – flooding, storms and wildfires are all set to become more common under future climate forecasts and they will all impact critical infrastructure (e.g. water supply, electricity, hospital services).

WILDFIRES? Really? In the UK? Has anyone working at the WHO actually been here? Folks who live in the sticks have to travel ages to get to a hospital, and, ask anyone out in the sticks what the infrastructure is like - half of the poor buggers have to have their own generators it sucks so badly. And, of course, countries much warmer than ours that actually DO get these extremes of weather seem to manage quite well - maybe, instead of invading them for pool we could learn how to cope with stuff like this? Just a thought.  

  • An increase in health inequalities – increased fuel and food prices and a reduction in access to heating, cooling, insurance and green spaces will all impact those who may already be disadvantaged.

Which do we need? Heating or cooling. Is it going to get hotter or colder? Insurance? Yeah, well, build a house on a flood plain, expect higher premiums, especially against flooding. Green spaces? This pollen factories and ultra fine particle factories? Uh-huh... 

And now THAT paragraph... 

As the report highlights there are many policy areas in which our influence can be felt, be it improvements to energy efficiencies in housing, changing diets so they are more ‘climate friendly’ and changing the ways we look at, and use, various forms of transport, including boosting rates of walking and cycling. If we’re clever about this we will not only tackle some of the drivers of climate change, such as emissions of greenhouse gases, but also improve public health while doing it. 

Remember it was bad, very bad, to be outside in the sun in warmer weather? Now they want to have you got out in it walking and cycling. And they want to control your diet, to be more climate friendly, what ever the hell that is (I assume they don't want folks to fart, and they want you to stop eating meat because cows fart quite a lot, it seems - and yeah, of course a vegetarian diet helps with not farting, doesn't it? Apparently not for cows and sheep and such.).

How would I characterize this? Conspiracy theories aside, and in plain words, fucking senseless. 

Now I'm going back outside, in the very warm and pleasant sunshine to, perhaps, take a dip in the cement pond build so far from a flood plain that they have to desalinate water here to fill it. Cos they build in sensible places here. And don't interfere in people's lives anywhere near as much as our lot do.