Postcard from Abroad

I've got five minutes, so here it is. 

1. Wifi where I am is utter crap. I mean seriously bad.  

2. These companies that do "by it by the cupful" LTE access charge way too much

3. I've paid £40 for three gigs of data. 

4. That makes me an idiot. 

Now, with that lot out of the way, let me tell you about Bob. Bob's a builder (not really - he's a joiner, but they build things, so the joke works). Can he get it? Yes, he can. 

Last night as we staggered back from depleting the island's supplies of Gin (it's a filthy job etc etc)  we bumped into Bob and his beloved, Donna. As happens, we got chatting - we'd met before about eight years ago, and we caught up.

Bob told me of his joinery business. How most of the lads that work for him Vape. Some used to smoke, some, in his opinion, would have done as most lads in his neck of woods do, and would have experimented with smoking. 

None, however, smoke. Not one. He'll wander into his workshop and smell the sweet smell (as he put it) of strawberries in the air. So he knows somebody's had a crafty drag. And he's fine with it. As he said "They're not smoking, so there's no danger of the place going up in flames, and they ain't gonna kill themselves or me. As far as I'm concerned, them Ecigs are safe enough. And who the hell would light a fag up when they've got strawberries to enjoy?"  

Bob doesn't get vaping bans at all. "Fucking stupid idea"  he whispered to me. "What harm they doin?" I had to agree. We chatted about the PHE guidance on vaping bans and he thought it was fabulous. As the night wore on, I waited for hem to get an ecig out.

He didn't. He doesn't Vape. He's never smoked. 

But he gets it. 

What a crying shame so many so-called Public Health folks don't get what Bob gets.