I want OUT. Let us LEAVE.

So, I'm for #LEAVE. There. I said it. Here's why: 

1: I'm a vaper. Have been for seven years and counting. So I saw from the inside what the Tobacco Products Directive process was like. And it wasn't democratic at all. We had a disgraced commissioner who knew nothing at all about Ecigs design a proposal based on lies and innuendo to hand over to an ENVI committee who also knew nothing, which then designated a rapporteur who denounced the likes of Peter Hajek and Jacques Le Houesec (both very prominent names in BRITISH universities) as "Foreigners I've never heard of". She then, in a "fact finding day" produced only negative so-called "experts" and only ONE actual user, whose native tongue was German and who was offered absolutely NO translation facilities. 

When, even after that, the parliament voted against the worst bits and supported the amendments so hard fought for by Vapers all over Europe, said rapporteur tricked them into allowing her to take the whole thing to "Trialogue", where, again, even with opposition from those who knew better than she, she steamrollered through a dog's breakfast of what became Article 20, and we'd have known nothing about it, except for the fact that we, as Vapers, kept a very close eye on what went on. 

But what else happens that we know nothing about? We are told that our own governments are given every opportunity to oversee and scrutinise EU parliamentary legislation. In this case, HM Gov scrutinized NOTHING of the TPD. Anna Soubry MP saw to that. She dodged every piece of scrutiny. How many other ministers sneak EU legislation past parliamentary scrutiny? 

In other words, if the TPD is representative of how EU legislation works, I want none of it. No thanks. 

2: I kind of like the idea of a huge co-operative market with no tariffs and what have you. But given that accounts for way less than half of UK's exports, is it that important? And, given that Austria, Holland, France, Greece and other countries are already signaling that if the UK leaves the EU, they, also will leave, can't we negotiate another trade pact that will sort all that out? 

Of course we can. The EU has decimated our fisheries in the name of their so called single market. Let's take that back and form new, more sensible alliances. 

3: With the best will in the world, voters in other countries in the EU have their own axes to grind. They have no clue about what we in the UK need, any more than we have any clue about what they need. That 27 (at the moment) other countries can have a say in how we run this one is daft! That we can have a (highly diluted) say in how they run their is equally daft. So let's not do that, eh? 

4: Look, and this is important, I DO NOT want to be part of a European Superstate. I do not want to have the Euro as my currency. I do not want to have a European Army (Christ only knows what crackpot wars that would drag us into). I want to be able to elect a UK government that has the final say on what we, as a people, do. I do not want to have my life governed by folks whose interests are very different from my own. And I want to be able to vote out any government that makes an arse of it. That simple. In a European Superstate, we can do none of that. 

5: Some folks say that if we leave the EU, we don't really know what will happen. That's true. But if we stay in, we're not staying in for the status quo. We're going to have to accept any and every stupid idea these flick wits in Brussels come up with - and they've got some real shit in store that they've been trying to hide. So we actually don't know what will happen if we stay in. But if we LEAVE, then WE get to decide what happens - it's not imposed on us by Brussels. WE DECIDE. 

SO, in my view, it's simple. We should LEAVE and then WE DECIDE.

And please note, lest you want to tar me as racist, jingoistic and thick. I have no need to refer to immigration, emigration or any of that crap.  My five points above are enough.


This just came to my attention. Remainders keep touting we can "reform" the EU from inside. Apparently not... 


No renegotiation, no reform, take it all, or #LEAVE

No renegotiation, no reform, take it all, or #LEAVE