There's no fool like an old fool

So, ASH London is happy to throw (an underestimated by them) 9% of vapers in the UK under the bus, eh? Collateral damage. ONLY 9%.

Well, here's why they're completely barking on this point. And I'll use myself as an example, if that's OK.

When first I started vaping, exactly seven years ago today (no applause, it wasn't that hard, and I wasn't seeking to quit), I had but one aim. To be able to "smoke" where I wasn't allowed to smoke. The smoking ban not only made going out almost unbearable, but it also caused me problems in my business, which was wholly conducted in places where smoking was banned.

Now, at first, I dual used (as most people do), but, eventually, I found 24mg eliquid to bung, six drops at a time, into the god awful first generation ecigs that we're all that was available at the time.

Then I found 36mg juice. And, finally, 54mg (lychee and rose, if you must know), with which I was very, very able to cope, thank you. It made my time spent vaping roughly similar to time I'd spent smoking on a per day basis. And I smoked 60 a day. 

Fast forward to two years ago. The TPD was pretty much a done deal, so I decided, as an experiment, to attempt to become TPD compliant, as it were. That is to say using sub 20mg juice in sub 2ml tanks.  And that, dear ASH, involved sub-ohm vaping, and a completely new technique more akin to taking hits from a bong than smoking...

A total change of technique and experience. 

It didn't come easy. It took me time and a lot of experimentation, not to mention money,  to find the kit I needed to make this new transition. And now here I am. Just so ASH knows, I use:

a 200 watt capable battery device

a 5ml tank (sod that 2ml job. Life's too short to keep refilling the bloody thing after every half dozen tokes) and I'm trialing an 8ml one  

around 20ml of liquid a day (see why 20 fills a day isn't appealing, ASH?). More on some days. Like today. When there's idiocy being spouted by folks who should know better. 

On Friday, the TPD regs kick in officially. ASH has welcomed them. They're idiots. They have no idea. They seem to have payed lip service to this notion of supporting ecigs. I've even been daft enough to try to explain to folks that ASH was actually doing a good thing. 

I'm not too proud to say I've been played for a fool.  

No more.