Just in case

There's a conversation happening. Simon Chapman's involved. I commented. I'm posting my comment here, just in case it doesn't make it over there.  Oh - over there is at https://ama.com.au/ausmed/e-cigs-help-or-harm


I love that Simon Chapman appears not to want to engage with mere "civilians" on this discussion, but here's my thoughts.

1. All this talk of smoking cessation and quit attempts - a massive red herring, and here's why:

  Ecigs are not allowed to be advertised or promoted for smoking cessation anywhere in the world. The big elephant in the room, and what Chapmamn appears not to like, is that experience in the UK and confirmed, proper, Tobacco Control figures show that, in four years or so, over 1.5 million people (out of a smoking population of just over 10 million) switched to Ecigs completely. Of those, roughly half no longer Vape, either. So 1.5 million folks no longer smoke, and all because they decided to switch their brands to Ecigs. They didn't quit. They switched.

They didn't make a formal "quit attempt". Why the hell would they? They did what they wanted to do - and the happy by-product (even if Chapman will not admit it) is that they have, effectively "quit" without "quitting".

2. At any given point, there may well be 70% of Vapers who also smoke cigarettes. So what? I dual used (for a few weeks). Some folks take three years, maybe even more, to find the "perfect" Vape that gives them what they need to make a complete switch. Would Chapman rather they never switched? In smoking cessation circles, they tell us that "you may not quit successfully first time - it may take five, six, seven or more attempts" and that could take years - many of them. Is dual use any different? Is it hell. So, on that one, Chapman, wind your neck in. You're just looking for excuses to oppose Ecigs.

3. The gateway. No need to mess about cherry picking studies, or even doing meta analyses. The argument is simple. Are the numbers of smokers growing? The answer is simple. No! So, no gateway. To try and argue anything else would, frankly be stupid and show whoever was clinging to the gateway theory and touting it as truth to be either a liar or so naïve as to be incompetent to comment.

4. Ad hominem attacks. I see only one person in this conversation making ad hominem attacks. I leave it to the reader to work out who that is. My only comment? It's generally the tactic of the bloke who has already lost the argument but is too stubborn, narcissistic and hell bent on humiliating "civilians" to admit it.

Vape on. Celebrate the Vape.