I Vape...

We're all in it together.

Except, it seems, we're not. Every vape advocate I know is doing their level best to do whatever they do to the best of their ability. The vast bulk of them are amateurs (not a slur - I mean they don't get paid, advocacy is not their job, they're doing it because they love the Vape, they celebrate the Vape), and there are some who have experience in doing the advocacy and negotiating thing. All of the above are invaluable - they "work" from a point of passion. I love them.

And then there's another class. The "Spoiler". This class of "advocate" is so hell bent on being right that they alienate Vapers. They're so keen on their own "rightness" that they constantly criticise everything other advocates do. They demoralise Vapers and vaper advocates by rubbishing what they do. They'e constantly harping on about how this won't work, explaining, at interminable length, why that tactic cannot ever work, and why they're even wrong to do it because, well, it's only 99.99% true and so is misleading and dishonest.

The head "spoiler" (in fact, really, the only one) has a huge vocabulary. He/she does not deserve to be identified, because, frankly, they're a royal pain in the arse, and cause all kinds of problems for folks, amateur folks, the kind of amateur folks that make me proud to be associated with them, by constantly massaging divisions and pitting advocate against advocate. And, again, frankly, I just wish they'd stop. They're not helping.

Amateur advocates are going to make mistakes. That's what we do. It's not our day job - we're trying our best to do whatever we can to make things the way they should be. We don't need some PhD spoiler constantly getting in the way with pedantic and verbose explanations of why we're getting everything wrong. So, spoiler, do me a favour. Back the fuck off and stop being a dick.

I Vape, I vote,

Thank you.