So, a trio of pubs up in Scotland has decided to stop allowing Vapers to Vape indoors in them. They've cited stinky vape as the reason - some of their regulars aren't keen on the pong off some of the Vapers folks have been using. 

I kinda get the stinky vape vibe - I've said before that I get annoyed at those ladies who lunch who decide it's a good idea to bathe in Chanel No 5 or Poison or Miss Dior (other stinky liquids to bathe in are available) before sailing past me in a tea room or restaurant and put me right off me snap with their inappropriate odours. There's a time and a place for each of those, and the time is just before horizontal nudy prod, and the place is the bedroom (or your favourite dogging spot). 

Be that as it may, I am aware (more than) of the kinds of places that said pungent persons frequent, and I have a tendency not to go there. Once bitten and all that. If I've absolutely got to be around said piquant persons, then, I man up, try not to breathe through my nose, and basically brave it out. It's only a smell, after all, and it ain't gonna kill me. I try, therefore, not to be precious about it.

So, back to the pubs and stuff. Look, it's not exactly rocket science, is it. All they need to do is either: 

If there's a sodding great notice at the doorway to the establishment saying "We LOVE Vapers in here, have at it, cloud your lungs out" or similar, those of a delicate disposition, upon approaching the door can read it, and then say "nope. We need to find somewhere that caters for we delicate flowers, where people don't Vape, fart, wear perfume, cough, sneeze or use language reserved for channel 4 after 9pm" and move on. Or... 

You know - like there always used to be - in the days before 1st July 2007 - the smoking room it was then, or the smoking carriages on trains - it would now be the vaping room(s) or vaping carriages. Again, folks would know what to expect. It's not that hard, is it? 

I suspect that pubs with "We're Vape friendly" signage would very soon discover that Vapers flocked there, and their takings would more than cover the cost of the signs (five pints in London and they're gold, IMHO), and, not only that, they'd be full all the time. And they'd have far fewer whingeing ninnies wirreting on about whatever they usually complain about.

Venues with vaping rooms/sections would, similarly, discover those rooms would be filled with folks spending money all the time, too. Again, it's not rocket science. It's a no-brainier, in fact. 

And the ninnies would know not to go there. They'd know to flock to all the non-vaping venues. You know, like they did after the smoking ban - because, obviously they did - that's why 30 pubs a week are closing and the Beeb feels the necessity to get Dave and Si punting pubs at 6:30 every weeknight to try to get folks back into them.

But what happens if every pub, club and venue goes Vape friendly?  

Erm, I'm good with that. Just like the ninnies selfishly want to stop me enjoying a night out, if the boot's on the other foot, I'm OK with it.  'Bout time, too.