Anti-nicotine, or anti-enjoyment?

This is pretty much a brain dump. Don't expect a carefully crafted piece. 

Let's get this straight. As Mike Russell said in the 70s, smokers smoke for the nicotine, but die from the tar. Implicit in that statement was the "pleasure principle" - that is to say that folks derived a benefit from the nicotine in lit tobacco - and that benefit was (and is) enjoyment, pleasure, call it what you will. Some call it a high (they've never smoked. You don't get "high". You get happy. )

In the UK, though, Tobacco Controlists are banned from acknowledging the "joy", the pleasure, the enjoyment, the happy. In a discussion with a Tobacco Controlist about how to advertise the undoubted benefits of Ecigs, I'd suggested a soundbite of "All of the joys, none of the death". It kinda works for me. "NOPE", quoth he. "Can't be done. We cannot say there are joys from smoking cigarettes". 

"OK," says I, "why?" 

"Because", says he "that's promoting smoking. We cannot tell folks that there are joys, pleasures or whatever, to be got from smoking". 

At this point, I was experiencing life at the rate of several hundred WTFs per hour. That bull run is a bit like saying "we cannot acknowledge that a car gets you from A to B quicker than walking". It patently does, but they're trying to sweep the pleasure under the carpet. 

And, only today - in fact scant minutes ago, I note a doctor in Canadia (where Canadians come from) is proposing a study on 486 folks he hasn't yet met, but...

FFS. What is there about "no longer smoking tabs" does he not get? 

FFS. What is there about "no longer smoking tabs" does he not get? 

... is aiming to use them to get folks off nicotine. And this, frankly, concerns me.

Nicotine is, as has been acknowledged by our own MHRA and many others, a fairly benign drug (I prefer to think of it as a plant substance, but hey-ho). It can, in large (and I DO mean LARGE) have negative effects, but at the level smokists and vapists use, it's on a par with sinking a few decent espressos during the course of the waking hours. In other words, it does bugger all harm over and above what most everybody in the world thinks is fine (other than those nutters who think watching a telly will give you herpes. But let's not go there).

Now, if that is the case (and it is. Loadsa learned bods agree. Eight out ten cats etc etc) then here is my question: 

Why are Tobacco Controlists (and yes, this includes many of the so-called "Vapers' Friends"  - including one very high profile scientists that is the darling of the vaper) so hell bent on saying Ecigs are ONLY for smokers to get off the tabs with. That they are explicitly NOT for "new users" (read adults that have never smoked). Nobody NEEDS Nicotine, they say, so no - once they've got all the smokers off the tabs and onto Ecigs, what then. What, then, will they do?

There are Vape businesses worldwide. They don't set themselves up, by and large, to only last ten years or twenty years. Generally speaking, folks start a business with the intention of profiting for life, and maybe even passing their hard-won assets on to their kids. And other folks - you know, Joe Q Public - generally speaking, quite like to use what some folks call drugs - caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and so on, to make life that bit more enjoyable. (And some go further than that, but let's not get into the creeping re-legalisation of marijuana all over the place, eh? Which, by the way, I totally endorse, like and approve of)

We've got to face this. ECIGS ARE NOT BLOODY MEDICINES. THEY ARE RECREATIONAL. That a lot of folks no longer smoke because they've switched to Ecigs is a very pleasant bonus for Tobacco Controlists, and one they should embrace. They're going to have to accept that there are some folks who will take up Ecigs - with or without nicotine - that don't currently, and have never smoked. 

If they don't (and many won't) then the war will never cease, and I, for one, will seek to eradicate them from the face of the earth. 

There... Told you it was a brain dump.