Nick O Teen and Al K Hol... Just Stop It...

Every so often my mind is taken back to the funny old days. Y'know, when I was young. (Not "younger" - "young" - they're not the same, but could be). In those days (the 60s) there was a bit of a campaign going on - nothing massive, just the gentle demonisation of nicotine and alcohol as proxies for smoking and drinking. Popular crooners of the day featured "Nick O'Teen and Al K Hol" in their songs, sometimes in a kind of "I like these" way and sometimes in a "they're the very devil" way. 

From those days, nicotine and smoking were inextricably linked - and, of course, until 1973, getting nicotine into your system without actually sparking a smoke up was impossible, unless you dipped, chewed or sniffed snuff - none of which, in the UK at least, happened in polite society. Pigtail and snuff were very much the working class go-to methods, particularly in the mines and other explosion hazard working environments. Just about every user of said "alternatives" also smoked when they were in no danger of blowing themselves up. 

This association of nicotine with smoking has never, it seems, weakened, even post 1973 when the first NRT was released as the drug barons (whoops! Pharma companies) began their profiting from failure (not theirs - smokers).

So now we have a weird situation. Nicotine, in and of itself, it fairly benign. In the amounts we Vapers use, it's about as risky, dangerous, harmful, nasty, deleterious or bad as quaffing a few espressos (other fancy coffees are also available). So that's not particularly risky, dangerous, harmful, nasty or deleterious. Or, come to that, addictive. 

Yes! I said it! All of the available evidence shows that, absent inhalation of the products of pyrolysis nicotine does not addict the user.

So all this guff about Ecigs addicting our youth, never smokers, beagles, puddy-tats and other assorted components of scare headlines is exactly that. Guff. (That's a polite term for "Bollocks") 

Which brings me to another point. There is absolutely bugger all reason why anyone who decides to use an ecig should believe it is necessary to "wean themselves off nicotine". And no need for any vendor or stop smoking service to even hint at that path.  It isn't necessary. I mean, you can if you want, but don't get caught up by the demonisation of Nick O'Teen - it's not going to harm anyone the way we use it.