Saving the NHS billions by vaping and switching.

Don't you love sums? I do. You may recall, if you read here anything like regularly, that official government figures tell us that every quit not using Ecigs has, historically, cost the NHS (that's you, the taxpayer) £74,000. 

New figures out today from the Office of National Statistics say the following: 

More than 848,000 Vapers are fully switched. They no longer smoke.

That represents a saving for the NHS and Stop Smoking Services of £62,752,000,000 or over 62 billion quid.  

It doesn't take into account the folks who previous used Ecigs and now no longer either smoke or Vape - what you might call complete and total abstinent ex-smokers. They number over 700,000, which represents a further £51 billion or so - that's over £111 billion quid that vaping has saved the NHS and SSS - or, more accurately, YOU, the taxpayer. 

Now, OK, here's where I stop acting like those tossers who call themselves journalists on shitsheets like the Mail. In truth, had the SSSes had the same level of success over the last four years as Ecigs have (and bear in mind, these are official statistics), their cost per quit might well have been an awful lot lower than £74,000 per quitter. But, hell, even if it was £10,000 per quitter (a not unreasonable figure, in the grand scheme of things), that would still represent a saving of 848,000,000 - just under a billion quid. (I've understated the figure for fully switched folks). Add on the complete quitters, and you add another three quarters of a billion quid.

I wonder what Mr Hunt could do with that money? 

Now, I'm pretty sure that some ecig denialists are going to have a bit of a pop. OK. Before they do, just have a gander at the video below, and then think again...


This is the application of real science, pragmatism, and common sense.