What would I do about Ecigs if I was the boss?

Some interesting stuff about, today. Makes you think a bit. So, how would I handle Ecigs if I was the boss? Here are my steps... 

1: Drop the VAT on them as of today. Exempt. Call it a Virtue Exemption, as opposed to a sin tax. 

2: De-medicinalise nicotine altogether. No more NRT on prescription. Not necessary - let them sell it like Ecigs - same VAT rate, same restrictions. 

3: Refuse to implement Article 20 of the TPD. It makes no sense, is counter-productive, overly restrictive and just plain stupid. 

4: Rethink the CAP guidelines on advertising Ecigs. Allow the truth to be told. They ARE safer than smoking traditional cigarettes, they DO have the effect of stopping people from smoking, they ARE pleasant to use, and they ARE safe ENOUGH for folks to use in perpetuity.

5: Legislate to prevent Big Tobacco from buying up any more ecig companies, same for Big Pharma. Insist that any profits from their ecig companies stay within those companies and cannot be fed back into their combustibles arms. Same for Big Pharma - they may not subsume NRT product profits into their overall profits. That way, we can track their effectiveness. 

6: If Stop Smoking Services are to survive, let them fund themselves by the sale of Ecigs/NRT - no more sponging off the taxpayer at all. 

Whadya think?