Researchers - qualified or, basically, fuckwits?

I am somewhat beguiled by today's installment of anti-ecig fuckwittery. I'm not going to link to the idiotic non-story, as, if you're reading this, you're likely following me on Twitter (and if you're not, why not?), so you'll have the link already.

But, the gist of it is, some useful idiots decided to map the search frequencies of "stuff to do with Ecigs", which, in their dystopian world, are ONLY ever for formal smoking cessation - you know, the kind where you set a quit date, possibly see some kind of specialist counsellor, do the whole "OMFG how will I EVER get off the dreaded coffin nails" and "Oh, it's SO HARD" routine, suffer like buggery for a few weeks and then relapse back to your fave brand of lit tobacco. That kind of quitting. The kind that only works for 7% of folks that try it. 

These useful idiots are throwing their hands in the air, wailing, gnashing their teeth because - heaven forfend - folks are searching for ecig-related stuff (you know - consumer grade Ecigs) using terms that don't include formal cessation terms. 

Now, here's the thing. If (it's a big if) I was searching on Google to buy NRT, I'd already have a fair old idea of what I wanted. If was searching for Erectile Dysfunction Meds (yes, alright at the back, I do. It's not an issue), I would not be looking for "Pills to assist my erectile dysfunction and help me get a boner". I already know what I want. It's called Cialis and I get the daily 5mg pills in packs of 28. So that's my search term - "5mg Cialis x28" - and when I've typed it in, I click on the "Shopping" link on Google. I suspect I'm not alone.

But these useful idiots have not the first clue that most folks A) know what they're looking for and are actually seeking best prices and B) NEVER use "shop" or "buy" in their search terms, because most folks know how to use Google

A friend (I'll call her that) suggested how folks who are looking for running shoes would be unlikely to type in "running shoes to wear while running so I can get fit" (paraphrased). You don't tell Google why - you tell it what, to find out where, and how much. 

The fuckwittery doesn't stop there though. Apparently, we must be STOPPED! We must be prevented from using the term "Vape" or "Ecigs", because they're not official Smoking Cessation terms. We're supposed all to be seeking to be good little boys and girls and to rid ourselves of that awful (yet benign, beneficial and not so dangerous) compound called Nicotine. 

Apparently, people are enjoying vaping. And that will never do. Never. It's, it's, it's AWFUL!  

So, no. No link to a non-story about a non-event, by patently obviously fuckwitted trolling anti-ecig campaigners who can't even use Google properly. And they, dear reader, get paid partially out of your taxes. Are you fed up yet? Because you bloody should be.