So, who IS at fault?

This is, essentially, a brain dump. My head's battered today, so pick the bits you like and ignore the rest. 

I used to think I was fairly right wing. It turns out I'm not as right wing as I thought I was, possibly because I may have mistaken what right-wingers stand for.  See, I always thought that the right wing was fairly authoritarian (Ghengis Khan, anyone), illiberal (dare I say "Maggie") and pretty controlling. Libertarian didn't spring immediately to mind.

But then, I was young and daft. I didn't do political correctness - still don't, for the most part, as in:

I'm not "follicly challenged", I'm going bald,

I'm not "differently abled" - I'd qualify for the Paralympics and am slightly disabled

I'm not "a person of size" - I'm a fat bugger

I'm not  "hearing challenged" - I'm bloody well deaf in one lug and nearly so in the other.

But, you see, the Left leaning folks would have it that all of those terms - the ones on the right, the way I see myself - are demeaning to me and will upset me. Bollox do they!  I was a ginger, never a strawberry blonde, and it never made me cry when folks pointed it out. I was never and never will be a snowflake.

But no matter how many times I'd say this kind of thing to left-leaning folks, they didn't want to know. They didn't care that it didn't bother me (or a great many other folks either), in their tiny minds, political correctness had to hold sway. We couldn't take the risk of offending folks, lest they be offended. They instituted trigger warnings. I well remember one trigger warning given by Bob Monkhouse, live, at Sunderland Empire Theatre, back in the days when this was all starting out. He said: "If you're easily offended by bad language and off colour jokes, might I suggest you fuck off home now? It'll save us all a lot of heartache." But, of course, they didn't. They stayed and then wrote to the newspapers to complain. 

And that's what they do. They stick their noses where they aren't wanted and then whinge and whine when stuff they don't like happens. They can't take the hint that their political correctness isn't actually what the majority of folks want. They don't want to allow normal people to have normal opinions and lead normal lives. 

You'd think, wouldn't you, that those folks would be right wing. But they're not. They're left wing. The left wing that's supposed to stick up for the normal person, the left wing that's supposed to look after the common man.

The left wing that has become more right wing, illiberal, conservative and controlling than any right winger would ever hope to be.  

So, it seems, I'm not right wing at all. And I'm not left wing, either. Turns out I'm pretty much in the centre, like, I'd posit, most folks. 

In short, we live and let live.  

We are the ones that no-one listens to. The politicians ignore us, or at least they have for long enough. We've had no voice. We're not extreme enough to make a noise that gets into the papers. We don't, for instance, drop our trollies and crap on a picture of someone we don't like out in the street where everyone can see. (There's a video of just that happening, but I'm not going to link to it here. Follow me on Twitter and pick it up from there.)  No - we just don't vote for them next time.

We don't normally get all offended when political events don't go our way. We just get on with it and do what we have to in order to survive and enjoy our lives as much as we can. And vote accordingly next time. 

We don't normally get all humpty when someone we know does things we don't like doing ourselves - we just let them get on with it, and if we really don't like it, we avoid those people and the thing we don't like.  If it's a business, we take ours elsewhere, or suck it up and get on with it.

But all this caterwauling from the lefties that want to constantly tell us that we're wrong, that we shouldn't be doing this, that and the other thing "because it's bad for the planet" or "socially unjust", this constant pounding from the elites that we're not worth listening to because we aren't skilled in the art of politics and don't know enough to know what we want only has one effect: 

the worm turns.  

And the worm has, indeed, turned. Brexit. Trump. What next? There are loads of people who fear the rise of the right. Who's to blame? 

The Left.  

And we have allowed them to cause it.