It's gonna happen - so roll with it!

Some folks are going to be spitting teeth when they read this. That's fine. I expect it. 


Let's get this out of the way, and out there, shall we? Vaping is a substitute for smoking. It is NOT smoking per se, but, if you like, is the 21st Century way to use nicotine (as smoking was the 18th Century way to use nicotine).

For many, vaping is more enjoyable than smoking ever was. And nobody should have a problem with that. As time moves on, and inventive types invent and innovate, the hope is that more folks will enjoy vaping more than smoking, and that vaping will supplant smoking. The thing is, for rather too many folks, that hope is contingent upon never smokers never vaping, either. Apparently, people have to be "protected" from vaping. And, folks, this mindset is completely wrong. Let me tell you why. 

To begin with, it seems rooted in the the "thou shalt have no pleasure other than that which we sanction" ideology so beloved of the prohibitionist and puritanical approach to life espoused by so many in Public Health. To them, it matters not one jot or tittle that, in truth, most of us want to have an enjoyable existence, one filled with thrills, excitement, fun and frivolity. As in, I'm reckoning that most folks want to be happy. 

Now, that may well include the controversial "using of substances". You know, like sugar (or sweeteners) in your caffeine-laced hot beverage of choice, alcoholic beverages to accompany (heaven forfend) meals, or even on their own as an enjoyable and pleasurable moment during otherwise serious days. It may also include nicotine usage. 

Now, if we are to believe what we are told by the increasingly unreliable Public Health cohorts there are are no "safe" ways to do any of the above. 

Well, here's the thing. There's no "safe" way to actually DO anything. Everything carries with it a certain amount of risk. The trick is to mitigate, as far as possible, the risks. 

So, it it's human nature to enjoy "stuff", people are going to enjoy "stuff", and mitigate whatever risks are associated with said "stuff" to whatever level they're comfortable with. The Pleasure Principle, if you will. 

As smoked lit tobacco use diminishes (as seems to be predictably the case, given that more and more folks will find more enjoyment from vaping), the first recourse of many folks interested in trying "stuff" will be a vape, rather than a pack of smokes.  This isn't rocket surgery or brain science, is it?! And, quite naturally, some of the experimenters (of whatever age) will be pleased by what they try, and will continue to use their vape, possibly for the span of their mortal existence.

Now, given that we are pretty well aware of the risk profile of vaping (it's pretty benign, and,  for all intents and purposes "safe enough") what we're looking at here is a notion that completely disrupts the status quo. "Experimenters" will experiment with something which is most unlikely to cause them any serious or lasting harm, unlike what WAS the situation - where, we are told, the product they historically used for their "trials" held the threat of premature death and disabling disease.

The result?

In Public Health terms, we will see a nett public health benefit. No matter what the numbers of new vapers, the true enemies - COPD, Lung Cancer and all their friends - will see a reduction in prevalence. It won't happen before Christmas (nor next Easter, nor, indeed for a few years yet), but it will most certainly happen. And that's not conjecture, it's not a belief, it's not based on wishful thinking - it's a scientific prediction based on the known science.

So, yes, folks who have never smoked - ever - will take up vaping. It's going to happen, and it does NOT need to be prevented. It's not an issue, never was, and never will be. Get used to and on-board with that, and all the rhetoric about ecigs being only for smoking cessation pales into insignificance. Because, if the Pleasure Principle holds sway, everybody's life is made that bit better.