Tinpot little dictators

You know, if there's somewhere you don't want to be, it's a good idea not to go there. 

I'm not feeling the best I've ever felt today. I've got a stinking cold, my brain's fuzzy and my voice is somewhere abaft of the aftermast. But, even so, I can spot a tinpot dictator at a million miles away. And spot one I have, simply by reading one of his tweets. (Just a side note here - at least Robin hasn't resorted to blocking every vaper he's ever come across - I've got to give him that. He may not engage, as it were, but he does, at least, allow our retorts on his timeline.)


Robin posted this earlier... cos having somewhere smokers can go that isn't mixed with "the public" is "bizarre" 

Robin posted this earlier... cos having somewhere smokers can go that isn't mixed with "the public" is "bizarre" 

To Robin, having a segregated area where non-smokers don't have to go, but which protects smokers from the vagaries of the weather, and offers them some comfort and pleasure, is "bizarre" and "feels very wrong". 

I wonder how he would feel about a vegan restaurant, or, perhaps, an area set aside for people of a religion which required specificities that aren't, perhaps, to the public's taste. Or a gym, or a baby changing room - or any other set-aside area that may not be to my taste, your taste or anybody else's taste. Are they also "bizarre"? Do they also feel "very wrong"?

Truthfully, should anyone other than the folks using such facilities actually be allowed to give a toss? Because I, for one, think this kind of "I really don't like that sort of thing so I think I want it banned" thinking is what is bizarre and feel very very VERY wrong.  

Let me make it clear. There's a whole list of things I do not like and have no wish to participate in. They have places where these things happen. These things include, but are not limited to: 

  • football
  • horse riding
  • veganism
  • vegetarianism
  • eating Marmite  
  • eating vegemite
  • religion of any kind
  • religion of every kind


You get the drift. But let me also make it clear that, although I never set foot inside the establishments that promote or facilitate all of the above, I have no wish to ban or eradicate any of them. If folks want to engage in the above activities, then, as far as I'm concerned, let them get on with it. They're not going to be affecting me one iota.

What I don't get is why Robin not only wants to see smoking lounges eradicated, he also wants to cajole me, coerce me and almost force me to ride a bloody pushbike. Oh, hang on. Do I smell the whiff of a would-be tinpot dictator?

I'll let you decide.