A proper pub landlord

Move over Al Murray, we've found a better one.  

So here's the thing. Tonight, we repaired to a pub near King's Cross - The Skinners Arms - for a refreshing pint or seven. It is, in the parlance, vape friendly. So there we were... Gerry Stimson, Andy Morrison, Kevin Molloy, Sarah Jakes, Lorien Jollye, Paddy Costall, Simon Thurlow and me, all enjoying the wind down from a long day's NNA business, and sharing a few stories. 

The chance to move to a larger, more capacious table arose. We moved, not noticing the smoke detector above our heads. 

Yes, you've guessed it. We, completely unwittingly, set it off. We weren't giving it clouds, but off it went.  

Now, you might well think that management might take a dim view. We did. But no. Mine Host, a grand chap, simply told us that the fire system was a tad sensitive, and if we were to just watch what we were doing, everything would be fine. No admonishment, no blame, no nastiness, just a "yeah, it's sensitive, just be a bit careful" and all was good.  

Eat your heart out Al Murray

Eat your heart out Al Murray

The three or four tables around us had a giggle, blamed the smoking ban, pointed no fingers, made no complaints.

That, dear reader, is how it should be.  

  My only regret? I didn't film it...