Day 5 with the Pro

You may have noticed I got an iPad Pro - you know, the big bugger. You may also know the first one got taken back, cos it went into a coma overnight. It was replaced with no questions asked. 

It was replaced, maybe, because this "full charge coma" is a known issue. Well, the first night back, my current one did the same thing. This time, though, I fired the Air2 up and googled for a fix. And it is quite simple: 

Just hold down the home button and the main button for ten or so seconds until the Apple logo shows onscreen, and Robert, as they say, is your paternal parent's male sibling.  

So I did that, and it worked. Since then, I've had no qualms about charging huge beast overnight. The interesting thing, though, is that it hasn't taken into its head to do the coma thing since that first one. 

Anyway, that's not the point of this post. 

The point is to say that, frankly, I am impressed with this thing. So far, I'm getting battery life to die for, the onscreen keyboard is a joy (especially the Apple apps default) and the sound out of the augmented speaker array is delicious. It actually sounds like there's decent bass (there isn't, but it sounds like there is) .

Now, I'm sure that, amongst the folks that know me well, and know what I've been doing today will be wondering why I'm not blogging about that. Y'know that thing "too soon"? That. I need to get my head around what happened, and when Indo, words will be writ, posts will be posted, and so forth and so on. Trust me... I'm not a lying doctor.