Shinyitis gone mad

I think I must have watched way too many handbag and shoes segments on TV shows when She Who Must Be Obeyed has had control of the remote. Trust me - it would never have been by choice. The result of said unwitting and unwilling exposure to those influences is something I only recently noticed.

Now, let me explain. I am, by nature, a collector. I don't know why, but I do like to have sets of things - it could be anything, too. But it has kind of spiralled out of hand. My iPhone 6S Plus is gold. My iPad Air 2 is gold. My Apple Watch Sport is gold, and my iPad Pro is - you guessed it - gold. And that would probably be OK, and, indeed, was OK.

They just had to do it... 

They just had to do it... 

And then this:

Yes. It's gold. Judging by the photos, pretty damned similar to the gold on my Apple kit. I could possibly resist, were it not for the fact that the eVic VTC Mini, upgraded to 75 watts and with Stainless Steel temperature control is a pretty damned good piece of kit anyway. And by pretty damned good, I mean it just works (hang on... dont we Apple fanboys say that about Apple kit, too?). With USB charging, pass through usage, clear, simple screen and easy to navigate settings, it would be a goto recommendation for anyone looking to get into sensible wattage temperature control. You may gather I like it. I do. 

Its pocketable, upgrade able, versatile and, frankly, cheap. No. Inexpensive. And I already have one in blue (to match my eyes, even if it does look green to me). 

But now this. Look at it! I have no real clue what the atty is like, but I can guess. But look at it! It's GOLD, for goodness sake! How can I NOT want one?!?!