"It's too big". No, no it isn't.

Apparently I'm an Apple junky. Apparently, "junky" is a pejorative term for aficionado. I am probably both. 

So, when Apple announced the iPad Pro a while back, I decided it was probably a good idea to get one. Numerous folks said "It's too big". I simply replied that, truth be told, the same sentiment applies to me. Cutting a longish story short, I got one two days ago. I set it up, installed apps that would make use of the Pencil (yes, I know) and layed it down to charge overnight. It died in my sleep.

And so, to the Apple Store I drove yesterday, to have it replaced, which a delightful young lady did in such an efficient manner that I was in and out in under ten minutes, the new 128GB cellular model in traditional gold livery (not the new-dangled rose gold thing) tested and under my arm. 

It is not too big. The new default keyboard is an absolute delight, and even the old style one upon which I am typing this drivel falls much more neatly under the fingers than on either the Air 2 or the Mini 3 (yes, I know, I know).

Two apps side by side in portrait mode at roughly the same size as you'd get per app in portrait mode on an Air 2 is not only a delight but massively useful, too. The only downside is that it won't fit on the transmitter for my DJI Phantom 3. Yet. 

I periscoped about it...