Sorting tech in ecigs

Let's face it, I'm a geek. There. I said it. I have always had a thing about tech. It doesn't matter what kind of tech, I just find it fascinating. So when you can buy an ecig that is also heavy with the tech, there exists a state of consciousness which I find difficult to resist. 

And so it proves with the DNA200 chipset/board. couple it with a decent case, half decent battery and the e-scribe software, and you have something that will keep me amused for hours.

When it's not the norm - like, for instance, when it isn't endowed with a LiPo pack, but has, instead, a pyramid of three 18650 cells providing the power - then there is so much to be investigated, toyed with, researched and reported upon that this particular geek geeks out.

and so it has proved with the Wismec Reuleaux (that's "rer-loh" , or some might say "roo-low" ). I'm playing with it, vaping on it, sorting battery discharge curves for different makes and types of cell, and thoroughly geeking out. At the same time, I'm enjoying fabulous vaping! 

Truly a Wednesday to savour..